Richland Chambers

     Level: 305.85
      315: -9.15 
     Date:   2014-09-22
     Time:  03:45 a.m.

Gone Fishin' with Royce and Adam Simmons, Licensed Professional Fishing GuidesGone Fishin' with Royce Simmons, Licensed Professional Fishing GuideGone Fishin' with Royce Simmons, Licensed Professional Fishing GuideGone Fishin' with Royce Simmons, Licensed Professional Fishing Guide

*** Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our website. Our names are Royce and Adam Simmons and we operate Gone Fishin Guide Service on Beautiful Lake Richland Chambers on the fringes of East Texas. As avid lifetime fishermen and outdoorsmen, we hope that we can pass along to you our love and excitement for fishing and the outdoors so that you can create and store away memories between you, your family, and your friends for a lifetime. Our goal is to give you the MAXIMUM opportunity to create those memories by doing more of what we call "Catching" as opposed to "Fishing". Along with a lifetime of fishing experience, we have been fishing Richland Chambers since 1994 and have operated as Full Time Licensed Fishing Guides for over FOURTEEN YEARS now. We hope you find our website helpfull and if you have any questions please give us a call or email us and we'll be glad to help you out. Once again, thanks, and LET'S GO FISHIN!!! ***

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Royce Simmons with Gone Fishin Guide Service knows where to find the crappie, sand bass, and hybrids on Richland Chambers Lake

Richland Chambers Fishing Report - KIDS FISH FREE SUMMER SPECIAL

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Richland Chambers Lake Fishing Reports


2014 Aug 24 - FISHING REPORT

School starts again almost everywhere this week and our business slows dramatically as many of our Customers are back in the classroom. This means there's very little traffic on the Lake, the boats are on the trailer and the fish have nothing to fear! That is unless you decide to go fishing! September is one of our slowest business months of the year as there's so many other activities competing for folk's fishing time. School, Football, Hunting Season Starts, and of course it's still a bit hot for many folks! However, the fish don't care about all of this and you can still expect to catch them either early AM or late PM. We prefer the AM and only offer morning trips until the Fall. The Summer mornings are usually pleasant with a south breeze, hopefully a little cloud cover and this time of the year, you have generally have an entire 45,000 acre lake to yourself!   The White Bass are scattered all over the Lake and you catch them one day on Pelican Island ,the next off the 309 Flats and then they're way up by the Hwy 287 Bridge the next day. Keep your eyes open for Top Water Schooling, but most fish recently have been caught on Slabs in 15'-20' water off Points and Drop Offs. Last week, we caught a nice mess of Crappie on minnows over a Brushpile in 18' of water. And lastly, we caught Channel Catfish on two days recently by chumming with sour maize in timbered areas in 15' of water. Our Cats came on Danny Kings Punch Bait.   As mentioned, our business slows when School starts. If you want to get on the Lake for a morning of fishing, just give us a call.  

Have a Great Labor Day Weekend and Let's Go Fishin'!  

Royce & Adam Simmons

2014 Aug 10 - FISHING REPORT

Last week's Fishing Report told of the "Tough Conditions and Slow Bite" we'd been having and gave this week's Customers the chance to cancel or reschedule their trips. Well.....no one canceled and I fished six trips and Adam fished four trips from Monday thru Saturday! What a GREAT Week it turned out to be with fish caught EVERY TRIP and also EVERY TRIP having Kids on board! Some days we only had a 20 or 25 fish box of Keepers, but other days like Wednesday and Saturday, we had over 75 fish to clean! We're still having to fish hard and burn a lot of gas to finds the fish, but even the tough days are fun when you have smaller Kid's shouting about their "BIG FISH, or Teens talking a little trash and telling Granddad that he needs to FISH HARDER!
On Friday and Saturday, we started the day with a bit of Top Water action and some small Hybrid Stripers really bending our rods. Most days, we're catching our fish on Slabs and small Crappie Jigs tied about a foot above the Slab. It's a hoot to see a 7 year old with two fish on the rod at the same time! The catches of the week came yesterday with 6 year old Kenli Oliver catching both a 5 lb. Hybrid Striper and a 6 lb. Largemouth. She made her Papa promise to get her a replica of her Largemouth Bass so she could "Put It On The Wall"!
It's almost time for School to start, so there's little time to get the Kids on the Lake! We have a few August days with a boat open and still have a boat open on Monday, September 1st (Labor Day).
Give us a call and Let's Go Fishin'!
Royce & Adam Simmons

2014 Aug 03 - FISHING REPORT

Adam and I have always tried to "Tell It Like It Is" in regard to the fishing on Richland Chambers! The majority of the time we have days where we fill the ice chest, everyone catches lots of fish and normally it's more fish than our customers have ever caught before.  (Picture above of 85 year old Bea and her Daughter who had 24 Keepers on a trip this week. One of their BEST DAYS ever and one of our slowest!) If you've read our recent Fishing Reports, you noticed that the White Bass fishing has been a little tough for the past couple of weeks. This week the trend has continued.
We've had a boat out everyday this past week and the average catch was around 20 to 25 fish. As an example we had both boats reserved by Families with eight fishermen (Kids and Adults) on two trips this week. We fished hard, everyone caught fish, but we had only 51 Keepers and 42 Keepers respectively on the two trips. This was great with one Family as they had seldom caught that many fish, but it was a little disappointing for the other Family as they've fished with us often and are used to 100 fish days! However, on both trips, we had LOTS OF FUN and that's the important thing!
Most of the mornings we've had a bit of White Bass Top Water Schooling action off the 309 Flats and then we're moving around the Lake to all the typical Summer Spots (Pelican Island, Old Hwy 287 Roadbed and the South Shoreline) to look for fish. Keep a Top Water Bait and a Slab handy as you never know when you'll pull up on a school of feeding fish!
We inform our customers when the fishing is slow and if they want to cancel or reschedule, we have no problem doing so. All we ask is that they let us know as far in advance as possible. If customers decide to cancel/reschedule and give us a little notice, we might be able to fill the opening.
We wish we knew when the fishing is going to improve, but our Crystal Ball is a little foggy. It may be tomorrow, this week or next week. We go through periods like this every Summer and always hope the fishing gets better quickly! The one thing we do know for sure is that "You'll always have FUN with Gone Fishin' Guide Service!"
Here's hoping we get to see you soon and do some Catchin'!
Royce & Adam Simmons
Gone Fishin' Guide Service

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11.5 lbs. - 28 inches Caught by Royce Simmons - 9/19/2014  

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